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Morgan Stanley (As of 31-Dec-2007)
Top 10 Institutional HoldersShares2007Value2006
State Street Corporation142,462,47512.90%$7,566,182,047-.--%
Barclays Global Investors UK Holdings Ltd46,956,5264.25%$2,493,861,095-.--%
AXA (Paris, France)43,610,7743.95%$2,316,168,207-.--%
UBS Global Asset Management (Americas) Inc37,199,3993.37%$1,975,660,080-.--%
Vanguard Group, Inc. (The)30,300,8202.74%$1,609,276,550-.--%
Credit Suisse Switzerland17,833,2811.61%$947,125,553-.--%
Price (T.Rowe) Associates Inc16,193,8711.47%$860,056,488-.--%
Goldman Sachs Group Inc15,592,9701.41%$828,142,636-.--%
TPG-AXON Capital Management LP15,000,0001.36%$796,650,000-.--%
FMR LLC (Fidelity)14,504,7401.31%$770,346,741-.--%
% of Shares Held by All Insider and 5% Owners:0%-.--%
Top 10 [1.1%] of 863 Institutional Holders Control34.37%-.--%
Percentage of Barclays and "Associates" Control20.03%-.--%
NOTE: Vanguard manages three funds that control 1.94%.
Therefore, the TOP 10 Major Holders control 36.31% of Morgan Stanley.

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