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Ownership/Control of a Publicly-Listed Corporation

Symbol Name Of Corporation

Wells Fargo & Company (As of 31-Dec-2007)
Top 10 Institutional HoldersShares2007Value2006
Berkshire Hathaway, Inc289,259,8688.62%$8,732,755,414-.--%
Capital Research And Management Company139,587,0004.16%$4,972,088,940-.--%
Barclays Global Investors UK Holdings Ltd112,321,7123.35%$3,390,992,485-.--%
State Street Corporation111,160,0883.31%$3,355,923,056-.--%
Capital World Investors110,275,0003.29%$3,329,202,250-.--%
Vanguard Group, Inc. (The)97,861,7252.92%$2,954,445,477-.--%
UBS Global Asset Management (Americas) Inc70,084,9662.09%$2,115,865,123-.--%
FMR LLC (Fidelity)65,437,7071.95%$1,975,564,374-.--%
Davis Selected Advisers, LP62,466,5141.86%$1,885,864,057-.--%
State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Co55,039,0141.64%$1,661,627,832-.--%
% of Shares Held by All Insider and 5% Owners:0%-.--%
Top 10 [0.8%] of 1208 Institutional Holders Control33.19%-.--%
Percentage of Barclays and "Associates" Control6.66%-.--%
NOTE: Capital Group manages three funds that control 2.66%.
Vanguard manages three funds that control 2.17%.
Washington Mutual manages a fund that controls 1.35%.
Davis manages a fund that controls 0.95%.
Barclays manages a fund that controls 0.58%.
Therefore, the TOP 10 Major Holders control 40.90%, and
Barclays/Associates control 8.59% of U.S. Bancorp.
Capital Group now controls 10.11%.

2007 by Edward Ulysses Cate
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