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Ownership/Control of a Publicly-Listed Corporation

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Chevron Corp. (As of 30-Jun-2008) (As of 30-Jun-2007)
Top 10 Institutional HoldersSharesPct.Value
State Street Corporation89,639,6964.36$8,885,983,064
Barclays Global Investors UK Holdings Ltd84,560,6954.12$8,382,501,695
AXA (Paris, France)75,753,4793.69$7,509,442,373
Capital World Investors68,000,0453.31$6,740,844,460
Vanguard Group, Inc. (The)65,959,9453.21$6,538,609,347
Capital Research Global Investors48,789,7442.37$4,836,527,322
Wellington Management Company, LLP29,779,6001.45$2,952,051,748
Bank of New York Mellon Corporation28,752,1341.40$2,850,199,043
Northern Trust Corporation25,019,5941.22$2,480,192,353
JP Morgan Chase & Company22,357,4311.09$2,216,292,135
% of Shares Held by All Insider and 5% Owners:0%
Top 10 [0.7%] of 1480 Institutional Holders Control26.22%
Percentage of Barclays and "Associates" Control12.19%
NOTE: Capital Group manages four funds that control 2.97%.
Vanguard manages two funds that control 1.56%.
Washington Mutual manages a fund that controls 1.44%.
Therefore, the TOP 10 Major Holders control 32.19%, and
Barclays/Associates control 13.63% of Chevron.
Capital Group controls 8.65%.

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