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This book was published in 1889! It's author was L. B. Woolfolk, and it was published by George E. Stevens, 39 West Fourth Street, Cincinnati, Ohio. I have not been successful in finding any information about the author, or the publisher. Should anyone have more information about this author, or the publisher, please email me, and I will post such information as I'm able to verify.

I DO NOT AGREE with everything published in this book, especially Woolfolk's anti-Jewish stance. As stated in About This Site, I think 99% of any group, the Jewish community included, are much like the rest of us, and it's up to all of us to search out and control the "psychopaths", the one-percents in our very own group that are selling us out.

And those of Jewish faith have an even greater incentive than the rest of us to do just that. If, as Woolfolk's book claims, that the Money Kings are Jewish, or at least pretend to be, then the Jewish community should expose them.

It even says in Revelations 3-9: I will make those who are of the synagogue of Satan, who claim to be Jews though they are not, but are liars . . .

There is also a statement, right up front, in the book "The Sixth Great Power, The House of Barings" by Philip Ziegler, that "The Barings were not Jews." This is the first sentence, of the first chapter, of the book!

We now know that if the Money Kings are, or pretend to be, Jewish, then they financed the death of six million of their own faith in World War II, and even more will suffer once again if the Money Kings are not exposed this time. Ironically, the year Woolfolk's book was copyrighted [1889] just happens to be the same year Adolf Hitler was born. To me, a very chilling thought.

How This Site Came About

Back in the early 70's, having access to mini-computer capabilities made me consider selfish possibilities in economic forecasting. I had access, and millions of others didn't. However, as you well know, computers only perform as good as they are programmed. So off I went, naively, in an attempt to fully understand economics. So I could develop unique economic programs and generate private wealth!

Wherever I traveled, which was a lot back in the '70's and '80's, I spent some of my spare time searching for old business and economic books. Why? Because I could use history to determine which principles were worth paying attention to and which ones to ignore. With new books and ideas, there's no such proof. Due to this continual search for information, there is now a fairly large private economic library in my home.

After almost twenty years, when I finally realized the essense of economics, and therefore of business, it became obvious that computers CAN'T be "precisely" programmed for economic predictions, although others still try.

Click here for Essense of Economics! I'll gladly share it with you.

If I had found this book early on in my research, I would have discarded it as a fool's ranting. Without serious economic study, I suspect that most of you will, too. And that's okay, but I sincerely hope it doesn't take you as long as it did me to understand the importance, and sincerity, of this book and its author. So I consider myself fortunate to have come across this book when I did. By re-publishing this book on this web site, free of charge and in its original form, warts and all, I hope to share with you the same eye-opening experience I had when I found this book.

It just so happened that I found this book in a large Detroit, Michigan used-book store, around the time of the signing of the Maastricht Treaty [1992]. It sends a cold chill through my body every time I read it, especially since it was published in 1889! Which was not long before the first World War. Don't we ever learn? Or is because this kinds of information is deliberately hidden?

And that is why I think this book ties the past 500 years of our world's military/economic activities with the prophesies of the Bible's Book of Revelations. I respect the Bible, the Torah, the Koran, and other religious books as sources of wisdom, but I don't think any one of them have all the answers, nor do any of those books endorse lying to, stealing from, or murdering any human being.

Suppose you lived during biblical times, and you had the foresight, if not the experience, of seeing governments, time and again, breaking their promises. And, at the same time, continuing to make bigger promises to unsuspecting masses.

Harry Scherman, back in 1938, published a book titled "The Promises Men Live By." Written only a few years after the Depression, he surely understood the severity of broken promises.

And what if you foresaw the implications of a future when the possibility of a single world government could be realized, utilizing all means at its disposal, to forcibly become the center of all economic activity. How would you convey such a catastrophic idea, or "vision" to your children, your grand-children, and the generations to come, so that such an evil situation could be AVOIDED!

I, being of no particular faith other than believing in a higher power, of whatever name you wish to use, suspect that this is what perhaps the Book of Revelations is really all about. All books of wisdom have something to say. It's only when they are abused by "psychopaths with attache cases" does harm come our way.

And should my statements not be correct, then certainly no harm will have come to you, and you're now able to view our economic world through a different lens.

© 2006 by Edward Ulysses Cate
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