Commentary - 08/17/2006

An Open Letter to Michael C. Ruppert
Concerning His Permanent Goodbye
By The Light Of A Burning Bridge

The US has forced out another valiant soldier in what some call "the end-game." The sincerity of Mike's words and efforts have surely been felt by anyone taking the time to read them, and to think about them. A man with a conscience. A rare quality of men in today's world.

Even rarer is the ability to "see" what is really happening, and to consider honestly what others are thinking. Those are traits of sincerity that separate real men from wannabees. Although we've never met, Mike's courage [and those who work with him] gave me the courage to put up this site. A heart attack in February also pushed the buttons, because now I have a reason to stay put and do something my 60 years have prepared me to do.

In this frame of reference, I'd like to take exception to some of the things Mike has said in his very-well written essay "By The Light Of A Burning Bridge."

I do not think the United States is infecting the world. The United States, the British Commonwealth, and Israel are being used, and they have always been controlled by Money Kings (psychopaths), operating from outside of the US, since the 1600s. Most of the wars the US have fought were financed by money originally generated by the British East India company, from the 1600s to the present, for the sole purpose of eventually "owning the earth in fee simple." Without having stumbled onto this book Great Red Dragon years ago, none of this would have made sense to me today. I share it now with all who care to look.

One must understand that Americans have been lied to for a very long time. It took 75 years for the Germans to be made ripe for a Hitler. Since 1913, at least, we have been prepared for a similar fate. To me, that certainly explains the lies in education, the lies of our government, with the damn lies of religion. Mind, body and soul have been "programmed" for so long, very few men can break free of these illusions. This is what leads to the appearance that "the world doesn't want to be saved."

Unfortunately, if Mike doesn't recognize the Great Red Dragon's control at this time, he will not see that it is already in control in Venezuela. Every power must have a counter-power, or no income is generated for the Money Kings. They advance their fee-simple goals by financing the preparations for war and the financing the rebuilding after war. This was very obvious lately in the Wall Street Journal about financing the rebuilding of Lebanon after their recent battles.

The only problem of people leaving the United States is that they're moving into lands even more controlled. That said, I fully understand Mike having to make it harder for the "psychopaths" trying take him out. But he should not think for a moment that the powers are not already in Caracas, providing indirect financing for Chavez. Hugo might not even know where some of his financing is coming from, but the strings will be pulled when time comes. This is very similar to the past situation with Cuba.

I also believe Mike when he says "a different world is possible." Yes, "a better world is possible." But only if we recognize our "real" enemies and follow some of the strategies of fighting back." There are others, too, such as those offered by Catherine Austin Fitts at We all have one thing in common. Do not fight the "psychopaths" directly, but quietly discontinue doing business with them. I don't know of any other way to win. If you have a plan that could work, without me having to lie, steal, or murder, I would be interested.

Good luck, Mike, and I sincerely hope you're able to continue the good work that you have done thus far. I will continue to be a subscriber to FTW and support the FTW organization the best I can.

Edward Ulysses Cate

2006 by Edward Ulysses Cate
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