Commentary - 10/13/2006

Thank You WSJ, for Today's Goldman-Sachs Article
"Inside Goldman's Secret Rite:"

I can't wonder but how today's Wall Street Journal article on Goldman-Sachs saw the light of day. I'm very grateful that it appeared, however, because it exposes the process by which "psychopaths with attache cases," or "Snakes in Suits" breed and promote their own kind.

Can you even imagine on what criteria is used to determine who gets promoted? In what ways do they prove their "worthiness" to receive a bigger cut of the "stolen goods?" Orchestrate the collapse of a hedge fund? Change the mix of a commodity index and capitalize on the chaos? Or maybe something like orchestrating the collapse of some smaller country's economy? Or something bigger, like orchestrating the collapse of their own country's economy?

Of course, they would never admit to such "crassness." They're only in the game to make "profits," of course. The fact is that they don't make anything, but merely buy and sell promises. That is their only source of profits. When you control both sides of a transaction, it's very easy to take your cut.

But to the rest of the uninitiated, they're the "smartest of the smart." Yes, indeed, I would not argue such a fact. Intelligence is a absolute requirement. In return for joining this exclusive club, is one then required to give up their soul?

Think I'm exaggerating? A large percent of Americans never see or are even close to a large business negotiation. They can only read about it in the controlled newspapers. They can only hear about these things in the controlled media networks. One could argue that this article proves the WSJ is not a controlled newspaper. I would bet it's simply arrogance. The major holders are almost completely in charge, and no one can do anything about it.

Not long ago, another publication controlled by the same group published this interesting article: The Leadership Factory in BusinessWeek. "For both Democrats and Republicans looking for smart advisers, the firm at 85 Broad St. has been an unequaled hunting ground."

Yep, sure thing. Hmmm, wonder who owns BusinessWeek? Uh huh, a McGraw-Hill company. And who's at the top of the list? None other than Goldman Sachs. And note that Barclays and "Associates" have almost 20% of the shares. Now take a look here for Goldman's top ten major shareholders. Barclays and "Associates" show up once again at almost 12%. They seem to show up all over the place.

Here's a list I've compiled for other things controlled in your life. Yes, it is depressing, but how can you plan your financial actions if you don't know what beneath the veneer?

Who Controls Our Hospitals?
Who Controls Our Health Care Companies?
Who Controls The Drug Companies?
Who Controls The [XAU] PHLX Gold/Silver Index?
Who Controls The [HUI] Amex Gold Bugs Index?
Who Controls Major Newspaper Companies?
Who Controls Our Major Oil/Gas Companies?
Who Controls Our Major U.S. Military Contractors?
Who Controls Our Largest Money Center Banks?
Who Controls Our Largest Investment Banks?
Who Controls The Dow Industrials?

I believe that this old 1889 book, "The Great Red Dragon," and the sub-title "Foreign Money Power In The United States," had answers to those questions then, and the pattern exists to the present. There is truly a force to be reckoned with, which had its beginnings over 400 years ago, that has been trying ever since to meet its goal, stated in its mission statement: "... to "own the earth in fee simple."

Looks like they're getting close. Sad state of affairs, isn't it? And with this particular article appearing today, we have a little window into how it's done and who plays. Thank you once again, WSJ!

2006 by Edward Ulysses Cate

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