Commentary - 10/31/2006

Serfdom or Freedom: You Choose! Part 3
Yes, Your Vote DOES Count, Especially ONE WEEK from Today!

Things seem to be moving at a faster pace. Even the Doonesbury cartoon strip has taken notice, which is why it's posted on my index page. Ron Paul, Congressman from Texas, points this out in his The NAFTA Superhighway article. Even one quote is scary enough.

This will require coordinated federal and state eminent domain actions on an unprecedented scale, as literally millions of people and businesses could be displaced. The loss of whole communities is almost certain, as planners cannot wind the highway around every quaint town, historic building, or senior citizen apartment for thousands of miles.
Why am I paying particular attention to this? I live close to the general area of the Kansas City his essay is referencing. Damn, I wish we had congressman like him in this neck of the woods.

We're also discussing the electronic voting machines that will be figuring into the coming election. Unfortunately, the news media is focusing on the Venezuelan angle of the current story.

What they DON'T want you to know is this:

De La Rue, the World Leader in Tamperproof Government Documents and Secure Cash Processing Technologies, Acquires 85% of Sequoia Voting Systems, the Leading U.S. Touch Screen Voting Firm - Business Wire, May 29, 2002

A New President is Appointed to Lead One of the Nationís Largest Voting Systems Companies as the Industry Prepares to Compete for $3.86 Billion Federal Election Reform Dollars - 2002-12-02

De La Rue says on their web site that they are "the world 's largest commercial security printer and papermaker, involved in the production of over 150 national currencies and a wide range of security documents such as travellers cheques and vouchers. Employing over 6,000 people across 31 countries, the company is also a leading provider of cash handling equipment and software solutions to banks and retailers worldwide helping them to reduce the cost of handling cash. We are also pioneering new technologies including tailored solutions to protect the world 's brands through to government identity solutions in secure passports, identity cards and driver's licences.

So, why should you care? Just take a look at "who controls what" below:

Who Controls Our Hospitals?
Who Controls Our Health Care Companies?
Who Controls The Drug Companies?
Who Controls The [XAU] PHLX Gold/Silver Index?
Who Controls The [HUI] Amex Gold Bugs Index?
Who Controls Major Newspaper Companies?
Who Controls Our Major Oil/Gas Companies?
Who Controls Our Major U.S. Military Contractors?
Who Controls Our Largest Money Center Banks?
Who Controls Our Largest Investment Banks?
Who Controls The Dow Industrials?

Is it not amazing that most of the major holders of our major corporations just happen to be "Barclays and Associates?" And now were talking about De La Rue and Barclays, who just happen to reside in the same general area, with extraordinary common interests. Would you bet against Barclays owning De La Rue?

And if they control our major corporations, wouldn't it be in THEIR interests to MAKE SURE control of our government remains in the PROPER hands? They really would not tamper with our electronic voting machines, would they!

Talent (Republican) and McCaskill (Democratic), who are both running for senator, are both sell-outs, and all the dirt being thrown by both of them is, unfortunately, TRUE! And the millions of dollars being thrown around comes from the same pockets as those who control the major corporations shown above.

Who Controls The TV Networks?
Who Controls Our Newspapers?

My point is that "Snakes in Suits" will come from any political party. This shows that our upcoming election is a REAL confrontation between good and evil that rests upon your vote. This is not about Republicans, Democrats or any other political party. It is a choice between having a "representative that truly represents" or a "psychopath with an attache case." Conscience vs no-conscience.

I believe that this old 1889 book, "The Great Red Dragon," and the sub-title "Foreign Money Power In The United States," had answers to those questions then, and the pattern exists to the present. There is truly a force to be reckoned with, which had its beginnings over 400 years ago, that has been trying ever since to meet its goal, stated in its mission statement: "... to "own the earth in fee simple."

You decide next week - Serfdom or Freedom!

The article that preceded this is here.

© 2006 by Edward Ulysses Cate

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