Commentary - 02/10/2007

Make Everyone Rich

What prompted today's commentary was two things:

(1) I was simply reading a news article when a pop-up ad was displayed. Since it said "Kansas City," I clicked on the ad which jumped to this "Learn To Be Rich" page.

(2) Once it occurred to me that this "free offering" was produced by the same people who published "Why We Want You To Be Rich," I remembered seeing something like this before.

Browsing through my old books, I found it. It was titled "Make Everybody Rich." What a coincidence! Like they say, "Nothing new under the sun."

So first, let's examine the "new" Trump/Kiyosaki book.

Why We Want You to be Rich: Two Men - One Message (Hardcover) by Donald J. Trump (Author), Robert T. Kiyosaki (Author), Meredith McIver (Author), Sharon Lechter (Author)

You can probably guess who did most of the work into this book. I'd bet that it was the last two authors listed. Especially since the title says "Two Men - One Message." Hats off to the ladies, once again.

What is especially spooky is that this book was published October 9, 2006. Could this mean we'll have a stock-market crash in April of 2007? The old book described below was published April 1929 and we know what happened that October. Hopefully, it's not the Lincoln-Kennedy kind-of-thing.

Publishers Weekly says: "Written in bite-size chunks and adorned with quotes (some from the authors' previous works or speeches) and graphs, it explains why some people get rich and others... well, don't."

Well, if you don't have the stomach to lie and steal, to step on the backs of others and to get high on OPM (Other People's Money,) how can you get rich? This does not mean an independent business man, profiting from honest trade with others, does not deserve to be well-off. That's a whole 'nuther ballgame, which is the real meaning of "capitalism." No, what I'm referring to here is the beginnings of "imperialism." People confuse the two and suffer greatly for it. You'll also find "socialism" is just another name for "imperalism," both of which the State has complete control of your country.

My point is that if one has to become a "psychopath with an attache case," is this what you really want?

MAKE EVERYBODY RICH : Industry's New Goal (Hardcover) by Benjamin A. Javits.

This book was published by B.C. Forbes Publishing Company, at 120 Fifth Avenue in New York City. The introduction, by Benjamin Javits, is dated April, 1929. Students of history now knows what immediately followed in October of 1929, a mere seven months later. So much for this book's shelf-life.

By the way, B.C. Forbes was the founder of "Forbes Magazine."

This main point of this particular book was to compain about, and hopefully repeal, the Sherman Anti-Trust Act (1890) that supposedly were keeping big businesses from becoming even more "successful."

Some believe antitrust laws have a protectionist effect. Economist Thomas DiLorenzo notes that Senator Sherman sponsored the 1890 McKinley tariff just three months after the Sherman Act, and agrees with the New York Times which wrote on October 1, 1890: "That so-called Anti-Trust law was passed to deceive the people ..." more ...

The point in bring these two books into the commentary was the fact that there will always be authors writing books on "getting rich." It's okay with me, as I do not believe in censorship. I just feel bad for the poor souls who dig into their pockets to pay for advice they could easily find elsewhere, if they simply looked. Then they would not become "less rich" in the process.

In closing, a simple quote:
"It is not worthwhile to try to keep history from repeating itself,
for man's character will always make the preventing of the repetitions impossible.
- Mark Twain in Eruption

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