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Lie, Steal and Murder

Since beginning this web site, I've tried to track down why certain financial events happen and who was involved. If you happen to start at the bottom of the list, you will see the tracks of my journey. It's taken some strange twists out of simple economics and into "dark" areas that I had not wished to explore. In doing so, I ended up questioning everything I've been taught and believed in my 60 years of being around. It was not fun, and to those who had previously visited and donated to this site, I apologize for not posting for a while. Simply documenting events had explained only WHAT happened, but not WHY. I felt compelled to go looking for the WHY.

Warning: If you don't have a strong sense of who you are and your right to exist, don't stay in these waters long. It will be quite depressing. I recommend you quickly take a dip, leave, think about it for awhile, then take another dip. Keep your sanity and your sense of well-being intact, or unfortunately you will become quite depressed. This is NOT my intent.
DO NOT take what I say here as the TRUTH. I will not lie to you, but you must find and make the TRUTH your own. Do not take my word, or the word of anyone else. Let my words only be a hint, to be explored in your own way, and in your own time. If you come to the same conclusions, that's okay. If you don't, that's okay, too. This was my journey, and no one can take your journey for you.

Economic and financial events cannot be studied without wondering who's lying, who's stealing, who's committing murder, and how they rationalize it. That's why earlier on this site I had to get into the subject of "psychopaths." This definition is to be used whenever that word is used here:

Robert D. Hare describes psychopaths as, "intraspecies predators who use charm, manipulation, intimidation, and violence to control others and to satisfy their own selfish needs. Lacking in conscience and in feelings for others, they cold-bloodedly take what they want and do as they please, violating social norms and expectations without the slightest sense of guilt or regret." [more]
The key is "lacking in conscience and in feelings for others," or what we commonly call "empathy." Taking this one step further, if one no longer has "empathy," then perhaps we can say that they are spiritually dead. This is described in "Mask of Sanity." How else could one lie, steal or murder on a consistent basis? They have become highly efficient machines, puppets, robots, or whatever term you wish, but they seem to have no feelings.

Perhaps this is not entirely true. Maybe their feelings are simply reversed, what many call "anti-social disorder." In other words, perhaps the pleasure/pain feelings are reversed. Ordinarily, when we do a "good deed," we get a "good feeling." However, what if this gets reversed and a "not-so-good action" generates that same "good feeling?" For example: You hold the door for someone struggling with several bags of groceries. They say, "Thanks" and you both go away "feeling good." However, not only does a psychopath not hold the door, but shuts it quickly in their face. The psychopath walks away "feeling good," but the bags of groceries are on the floor, and the other person obviously does not "feel good" about what just happened. Take a look here for additional information.

There was recently a video and stories posted about the host of "Mad Money" who "confessed" to "manipulating" the share value of stocks when he ran a hedge fund. My point here is that he said, "It was a fun game." In other words, he obviously got a "good feeling" stealing from others. It didn't matter that it might have been someone's retirement or pension money; money that they will not have for medical or living expenses today or when they retire. This is what I mean by lie, steal or murder. Doing one usually leads to the next until someone dies, intentionally or not.

Now that we've gone this far, perhaps we can further define the above person as having a "dark" spirit. Things grow in the "light," so we could say that mind, body and spirit "grow" when around "lights." In the same way, things die in the "dark," so we could say that people who have a "dark" spirit cause others to diminish in mind, body and spirit. When a person's actions does not match their words, do you not say they have a "dark" personality? Others who take them at their word diminish, in some way, the growth of their mind, body or spirit. Let's say a man claims he loves a woman, but physically or emotionally attacks her whenever he feels like it. Either way, the term psychopath or dark personality fits. He obviously feels something, or he wouldn't do it, thus showing a lack of empathy.

In the same manner, when people lie and steal from others in government, business or religion, their actions do not match their words. We would not knowingly allow anyone to lie or steal from us, nor would we continue to do business with someone that lies or steals. When elected leaders lie or steal, they obviously do what they can to conceal the truth from us. When peoples' livelihood depends upon working for or serving these so-called leaders, then they are just as guilty. This is where "evil succeeds because good men do nothing." They know about the lying and stealing, but become an accomplish just by being quiet, and "going along with it." Much more extensive work has been documented here.

Our main problem is that "good men" of one group lack support from other groups of "good men." It is because the "dark personality" or "psychopath" uses a technique in psychology called "splitting." Thus, they work at keeping "good men" who belong to the Democratic Party from working with "good men" from the "Republican Party," and vice versa. "Good men" who are black are somehow discouraged from working with "good men" who are white, or of any other color, and vice versa. "Good men" do not work with "good women," and vice versa. "Good men" from one country do not work with "good men" from another country, and vice versa. "Good men" speaking one language do not work with "good men" of other languages, and vica versa. "Good men" who are well-off do not work with "good men" who are not-so-well-off, and vica versa. I'm speaking in overall generalities, not specific instances. We would not be in our current economic, political and religious quagmires if the above was incorrect.

"Splitting" works exceedingly well for the "dark personality" or "psychopaths" to be able to separate "good men" into uncoordinated groups. That's how one psychopath rules at least 24 other "good men." That's how 1% of our population gets rich and controls the other 99%. That's how leaders of one country rouse up their populations against another country, even though the leaders of both countries are financed by the same "investment" groups. With apologies to used car dealers, it's like two dealers across the street from each other screaming that they are the best, and only they offer the best deal for your money; when in reality, they are both using "bait and switch" because they are both owned by the same "psychopath." So it is today in business, education, religion and government. Don't take my word for it, investigate for yourself.

What are signs of "dark" psychopaths? One sign is that their actions do not match their words. An even stronger sign is their "dark" leadership of groups that are normally thought of as being "good." Many of these "dark" leaders have one common denominator, the "skull and bones" symbol. If you just stop to thing about it, what they are really displaying to others in their groups is that they are already "dead." That is, they admit to not having "empathy," and they are proud of it. Without "empathy," they lie, steal and murder at will, in the good name of their group. And they do not hide this fact. Why else would "pirates" fly the "skull and bones?" Why else is that sign on bottles of poisonous substances?

I noticed that at my father's funeral, three Masons came to hold last rites for him. On the cloth were the skull and bones. My father never talked about his membership and never encouraged me to join. It also seemed difficult to get my father to smile and laugh, although he was a good and gentle man. Now I understand he was simply protecting us. If membership was currently a good thing, why wouldn't a father encourage his son to join, too?

As I have gotten deeper into this subject, I find little to laugh or smile about what is happening today and the dark gathering storm. I could care less about me. I've lived what I consider a full life. However, I'm very concerned for my children and their children. I still try to acknowledge and appreciate spring, to stop and enjoy the flowers, smell the roses if you will, hear children's laugher and feel the sun on my face. It only saddens me that these "dark" psychopaths want to take it away. But why? They could care less. They're already "dead," with nothing to lose.

They're already empty, so there will never be enough to satisfy them. Perhaps we should call them "black holes," to use an astronomer's term. How many millions of dollars does any one person need? How many tons of gold? How many thousands of square feet does one need for a home? And how many homes does it take to satify that person? How many hundreds of feet does one need in his yacht? How many yachts, automobiles, or women does one man need? The psychopath says, "all I can get!" And it's never enough.

We could sum all this up by saying it seems we've allowed ourselves to become ruled by the "living dead," for whom there will never be enough power, territory or money to satisfy their thirst. Yet they will continue to lie, steal and murder for more. Perhaps this is why the story of Atlantis ended with the war between good and evil, the "light" versus "dark" spirit. Evil prevailed, and the country ceased to exist. If the "anti-social disorder" psychopaths win this battle, it will give new meaning to the term "Dark Ages."

This is what drives me to post what I can on this web site. It does not have to be this way. According to one book on psychopaths, we should out-number them at least 24 to 1. I suspect that only complacency keeps us, as a group, from acknowledging our rights and abilities to fight back with everything we've got. Perhaps this is what Stalin meant when he said, "Religion is the opiate of the masses." Those with "anti-social disorder" push fundamentalism, which essentially mean that it's okay to lie to, steal from, or murder those outside their own group, or even members of their own group who try to stop them. Don't take my word for it. Examples are right there in every Holy Book.

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2007 by Edward Ulysses Cate
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