Commentary - 06/13/2007

King Of The Psychopaths

It had to happen sooner or later, the emergence of a King of the Psychopaths. In my definition, psychopaths are "dead", meaning without empathy, and therefore a "black hole." Nothing ever satisfies a psychopath's emptiness, no matter how hard they try. In today's Wall Street Journal, Page One, the leading story is "How Blackstone's Chief Became $7 Billion Man," and how he's taking the firm public, so he can get more. Even a family member said, "Do we need any more money?"

"When he pursues deals as the chief executive of Blackstone Group, he says he wants to 'inflict pain' and 'kill off' his rivals. "I want war--not a series of skirmishes," says Stephen Schwarzman, "I always think about what will kill off the other bidder."

So this is war in the boardroom. It's an amazing coincidence that their growth seems to feed on an actual war where good men are being killed. Take a look on the left at the growth of Blackstone, as printed with today's article. Amazing how it coincides with the number of US deaths in our "war" on Iraq. Sort of shows the real terrorists. Other rivals "worry about bringing unwanted attention to the riches being made in the buyout business." In other words, the rats would rather keep feeding in the dark.

"Teachers, policemen and civil servants who pension funds are his biggest investors." In my words, these are the innocents who will get slaughtered in this "war." Some call it OPM [Other People's Money.] And like its namesake, those hooked on it never get enough of it until they finally die from it. But in this case, where is the money going to be when those teachers, policemen and civil servants retire and demand what is owed to them.

What's really happening is that the "smart" money is being stolen now, and as the Feds continue to print more paper money, the retirees will be told that they are getting the correct amount of dollars as promised. It's only when they try to buy food, clothing and shelter that they will quickly realize that they didn't get the correct "buying power" of their savings. And there will be no legal recourse. The contracts say "pay in dollars," not what the dollars should be worth.

Ordinary people do not have the resources to fight back. This is what our government is supposed to do. But with a simple majority of politcal parties owing their incomes and their allegience to these psychopaths, they too have become "dead," "sold out" and do not represent their voters. That's why America is in the downward death spiral that our country finds itself in.

It is amazing that so many of the "living" allow themselves to be ruled by so few of the "dead."

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