Commentary - 10/13/2007

Who Benefits From Controlling The HUI/XAU?

Whew! Finally finished all the charts on "Who Controls Companies Listed in HUI/XAU."

Found some interesting information, such as Atticus Capital LLC and relatively young [36] Rothschild. and how they're linked to gold and silver. Chairman Marcus Agius of Barclays Plc is married to a Rothschild. Nah, there's no conspiracy. These coincidences simply happen every day. Yep, no big deal.

Take a quick look here at what the 1889 Great Red Dragon book had to say about gold/silver mining.

What I got out of all this is that it looks like the Feds were told to hide M3 statistics so that ordinary folks couldn't gauge increases in monetary inflation. That way, the public would not see gold and silver as a safer investment than phony paper promises. If the public started buying gold and silver, that would set off warning bells of an impending financial hurricane. Simply cannot let that happen until THEY decide the time is right.

Then they continue to try to cap gold prices, as proven since 1999 by the intelligent [and brave] GATA folks, to frustrate investors so they can gather cheap shares to consolidate their ownership of gold/silver mines. Better that gold stays in the ground with their ever-growing claims to title, rather than allow others to make money on stock price increases. They would then be able to merge smaller mining corporations into larger groups they already control. What's a few dollars compared to the value of gold in DEEP STORAGE.

This is probably why mining executives at Barricks sold shares. They know what the real deal is, and it probably isn't through the shares in the near future. If this wasn't the plan, you would think these large shareholders would want to see their shares increase in value? Not if the interests of a few only want title to the mines. They know the gold/silver in the ground is going to be worth far more later, especially with collapse of fiat money.

Here's a fresh example: Newmont to Acquire Miramar for $1.53B Take a look at a breakdown of Miramar Mining Corporation for example. Then take a look at Newmont Mining Corp. Notice that Barclays and Associates control 18.36% of Newmont, and 7.62% of Miramar. Combined with Capital Group, you tell me who wins the most from this merger, and it cuts off other Miramar shareholders at the knees.

So much for risk/reward investments ratios. You take the risk, they take the reward. No, I don't own stock in either company. This is NOT an investment advisory. It's simply information for you to consider.

2007 by Edward Ulysses Cate
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