Commentary - 10/15/2007

Single-Payer Healthcare Already Here!

After reading an article from the Washington Post "Romney, Clinton health care plans similar" it hit me that we ALREADY have single-payer healthcare in America. All of the largest companies in each segment of health care are already controlled by the same group of Major Holders, who also controls our government through finance. Now do you see why these so-called "front-runners" are given so much money to campaign? These Major Holders expect a significant return on their sponsorships.

So take note: Single-payer healthcare means they can and will charge as much as they want. Period. Is there any other reason for such dramatic increases in health care costs? This is what I now call "Institutionalized Extortion!" [Don't give up, though. There's a real solution at the end of this commentary.]

Now hear me out for a moment. First, there will be LAWS demanding penalties for NOT buying insurance. You have just been criminalized for NOT being rich. If your business cannot afford health insurance, it will face annual penalties. I'm not making this up. Check out this story from Massachusetts: States think big on health reform. In paragraphs 5 and 6, it states:

Massachusetts’ new policy aims to cover 460,000 uninsured residents by July. Some 106,000 are already eligible for Medicaid care but weren’t enrolled. Another 150,000 will get help buying a private health insurance policy, subsidized by a portion of the $1 billion the state now uses to reimburse hospitals for charity care.

The remaining 204,000 must buy private insurance through their employers or through a new state agency. That group includes many uninsured workers who consider private coverage too expensive or who are young, healthy and willing to risk going without. They will face tax penalties if they don’t buy a policy: loss of their personal exemption, and by 2008, a penalty equal to half of what health insurance premiums would have cost. Employers who don’t provide health insurance will face annual penalties, too – $295 per worker.

The point is that since ALL of the major health insurance companies are controlled by the same Major Holders. They are the ONLY ones who will win from this while they bankrupt us. Not only that, because it's a single-payer system now, they will keep raising rates and prices to force more people into their form of institutionalized extortion. Everyone will pay MORE for health insurance because the Major Holders will always want MORE and they can legally take it. That's the way "Snakes in Suits" work. And on top of MORE money, the states will use their power to physically enforce these contracts with their judges and local police.

Now you know what the "hammer and sickle flag" really means; law is the hammer and finance is the sickle. Everybody will pay more, even if they can't afford it. Talk about a protection racket! The mob must be green with envy.

And another point: Small employers who can't afford health insurance for their employees now will PAY annual penalties, which means even more money extorted out of your community. This also will permit those absentee-owners of large corporations to reduce or eliminate possible competition from small business firms. Small business can be defined as any firm NOT already controlled by the Major Holders. Now one can understand why so many corporations are being merged or taken private.

These laws affect 99% of us, and allows the other 1% to get even richer. Why are we letting this happen? We out-number them 99 to 1. Perhaps it's because we have been lied to by omission. Most people don't have the time, resources or background to investigate what being said or printed. The chains are coming on fast. It is my hope to break these chains with intellectual awareness and offer an explanation of why WE can't control health costs at this point. Once people know what the REAL problem is, we can work together to resolve these issues fairly.

Let's start with malpractice insurance companies and large health insurance companies now under significant control by the same Major Holders, Barclays and "Associates." Barclays and their "Associates" are fronts, so there's no reason to get nasty with anyone who works there. The hired help, all the way up, are simply "hired help," just like you and me.

It's the Snakes in Suits behind these fronts that are the problem, but since they are unknown and easily replaced, they are really not worth the bother. What is important is to stop giving them our hard-earned money and control over every facet of our lives, starting with medical services. And make no mistake, we give this to them. There are no guns pointed at our heads. Yet. [By the way, these same Major Holders also control the three largest private prison systems, but that's another story.]

Most of the companies involved could easily be termed "virtual" plantations because insiders and management owns little or no significant shares of the company. By clicking on "Major Holders" beside any of these companies, you can easily check this out.

Here's the list of the top health-care companies and their REAL owners. Be sure to notice the enormous amount of money spent on lobbyists, per year, JUST for medical legislation. We pay for this, too, which is kind of like prisoners paying for their guards and wardens.

Major drug companies and major hospital groups are also controlled by the same Major Holders. The main reason HCA and others have gone private is so we can no longer determine who owns them. Since these are leverage buyouts, they have to get their leverage somewhere. Guess where they are allowed to get it when the same Major Holders have significant control over the Money Center Banks.

You won't hear anyone in the TV media complaining about this because they're owned by the same Major Holders. Newspaper reporters will be hard-pressed to write about this without fear of losing their means of making a living because, yes, you guessed it, the newspapers have the same Major Holders, too.

Just what are these Major Holders trying to accomplish? You will find that explanation here at Global economic war!

My point about all this is that "Snakes in Suits" do come from EVERY political party. Our past election was a REAL confrontation between good and evil that rested upon your vote. This was not about Republicans, Democrats or any other political party. It was a choice between having a "representative that truly represents" or a "psychopath with an attache case." Conscience vs no-conscience.

The problem facing us now is that the Major Holders are splitting us up once again by financing each political party against the other. That way, Republicans of conscience do not get together with Democrats of conscience, nor people of conscience with any other political party. This keeps good people from teaming up with other good people. The psychological term is "splitting." And present day problems show just how well it works.

Good people, with empathy and conscience, have been kept from other good people through splitting by politics, by religion, by race and even by sex, male against female. That's how sociopaths have risen into power and maintained their position. Doesn't anybody out there give a damn?

Okay, where do you think the Major Holders get all the money to play these games? They get this extra money above business profits from the interest we pay in order to create our own money! Imagine just how much mischief you could cause receiving the yearly interest on 9 TRILLION DOLLARS. There IS a solution to all this nonsense.
You will find it in this commentary: A REAL Solution To REAL Economic Problems.

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