Commentary - 02/15/2008

There's No Place To Run, Jim Rogers!

Today's commentary was prompt by this recent CNN/Money article 'It's going to be much worse' that appeared February 3rd of 2008. Jim Rogers, famed investor, had "sold his beloved Manhattan townhouse for $15.75 million to a daughter of oil tycoon H. L. Hunt and moved his family full-time to Singapore - the better to be closer to the action in Beijing and Shanghai."

As illustrated by this graphic, America is actually the last place standing. There's no other place to run. Every other place has already been overwhelmed by what some call "The Great Serpent." Based on the 1889 book, I call it "The Great Red Dragon." Others call it "The Tapeworm." We all mean the same thing: life-long economic slavery!

China, Japan and Russia are already controlled in their part of the world. Mexico, Central and South America are already controlled. Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the rest of the old British Empire has been and still is controlled. The European Union countries are now under full control. And the last to stand, America, seems mostly controlled now by foreign money power. It may possibly be too late for us, too.

But if not, it is here in America where we have to take a stand, united against the few financial sociopaths who wish to "own the earth in fee simple." They figured out long ago that most of our financial promises are intertwined, and we live only by those promises being kept. It is when these promises are not kept that economic problems for everyone else are created. To quote Mark Twain, "I am more concerned with the return OF my capital than the return ON my capital." That is economic self-defense.

These relatively few sociopaths figured out how to manipulate these promises and pilfer other people's hard-earned money from transactions and savings. It's simply an age-old con game that few people understand, mainly due to the fact that our government, education and religious institutions have lied-by-omission.

Why? Simply that it has become more profitable to lie, steal and murder, especially in the name of religion. These days it has become even less profitable to pass on the truth. Few can survive on meager earnings that come from teaching others true self-defense, whether it be for the body, the mind or the spirit.

This website is proof. It has received a total of $197 in donations in the 19 months of its existence. Since visitors were only asked for $10 donations, there certainly were no expectations of making a living at this. But there was hope that there would be more than a handful of honest souls who would donate the price of lunch once a year in return for all the work of sharing 40 years of experience, backed up with detailed information from the past, as well as the present. The results so far did not even pay monthly dail-up costs. Sigh. But then, real soldiers hardly ever profit from their efforts. Only those who finance wars truly profit.

My incentive to do this work came years after reading this old book, published in 1889 and titled "The Great Red Dragon: Foreign Money Power In The United States." I had found this book at a bookstore back in 1992. The more our economic times resembled what others had been faced over a 100 years ago, the more I felt an obligation to see that this information was passed on. The contents of this old book is highly relevant to today's financial turmoil.

At least in the past, most individuals still had their natural self-defenses. Today, an individual's natural self-defenses has been slowly dis-armed by the "Ultimate Revolution" strategy expressed in Aldous Huxley's 1962 presentation at a Berkeley, California conference:

That we are in process of developing a whole series of techniques which will enable the controlling oligarchy who have always existed and presumably will always exist to get people to love their servitude.
In addition, I thought occasional commentaries would illustrate the fact that we are still fighting those battles of the 1800s. My obligation was not only to my children, but to all children, so that they would not become life-long slaves to financial masters. Baby boomers [I'm 60] were certainly not born into economic slavery, so why should we leave this world in that condition? We should at least TRY to leave it as we found it.

Here's another reason why I strongly feel there is no place to run, Jim Rogers. Recently another Jim, Jim Willie, a well-respected financial writer who posts commentaries on and resides in Costa Rica, started off his recent commentary by writing:

"Strange times in Costa Rica. No article last week. They have a strange custom here, closing the bus door in the face of gringos. This time, my reaction was to catch it with my left hand. Dumb move. The door closed on my wrist, like 150 lb weight. After some confusion, the driver opened the door. Fingers did not function for a few days, numb fingertips. Next time my shoe, not my hand."
Countrymen tend to stick together during bad times. That's why our government was able to round up Japanese folks who lived in America during World War II and put them into War Relocation Camps. Although these folks had done absolutely nothing to deserve this treatment, they were considered outsiders in those difficult times. Will the Costa Ricans or the Chinese do the same if and when a financial war breaks out? Who knows?

I do not intend any insult to Jim Rogers, and actually do wish him well. Having lived in the New York City area myself, I certainly don't blame him from wanting to leave the area, especially if economic conditions continue to get worse. However, Jim may just be jumping from the frying pan into the fire by not being Oriental in China's part of the world, no matter how much wealth or how many friends he has there. I certainly hope that this is not another situation, where:

Sometimes The Dragon Wins

2008 by Edward Ulysses Cate
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