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1907 to 1913 -- 2007 to 2013?

The planned Panic of 1907 lead to the creation of our central bank, which we know as the Federal Reserve. Will the Panic of 2007 lead to the final end-game originally planned 100 years ago. We've already lost 95% of the value of our money since 1913. And now that it's 2008, will we lose the rest of it within the next five years? Will the Federal Reserve then have total control of ALL of our finances? If so, the original goal [planned over 400 years ago] to "own the earth in fee simple" will have been achieved.

These shocking stories appeared this morning:

Treasury’s Plan Would Give Fed Wide New Power - New York Times
Paulson calls for total regulatory revamp - MarketWatch
Washington, Wall St. Tangle on Oversight - Associated Press
Before continuing, we must take a step back to December 3, 1907, when the New York Times ran this story:

Okay, they're saying that IF they had their way, the Knickerbocker Trust would not have been shut down just a couple of months before [October 23, 1907], as explained here. So now they're saying that IF they had their way, Bear Stearns would not have been shut down, as explained here. This time, it was two weeks instead of two months like before. And you still think that these events are NOT planned? Anyway, with the past now in mind, let's take a look a what the Feds are proposing now, as stated [once again] in the New York Times:
WASHINGTON — The Treasury Department will propose on Monday that Congress give the Federal Reserve broad new authority to oversee financial market stability, in effect allowing it to send SWAT teams into any corner of the industry or any institution that might pose a risk to the overall system.
. . .
Democratic lawmakers are all but certain to say the proposal does not go far enough in restricting the kinds of practices that caused the financial crisis. Many of the proposals, like those that would consolidate regulatory agencies, have nothing to do with the turmoil in financial markets. And some of the proposals could actually reduce regulation.
. . .
Parts of the plan could reduce the power of the Securities and Exchange Commission, which is charged with maintaining orderly stock and bond markets and protecting investors. The plan would merge the S.E.C. with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, which regulates exchange-traded futures for oil, grains, currencies and the like.
. . .
The blueprint also suggests several areas where the S.E.C. should take a lighter approach to its oversight. Among them are allowing stock exchanges greater leeway to regulate themselves and streamlining the approval of new products, even allowing automatic approval of securities products that are being traded in foreign markets.
"Barbarians At The Gate?" Hell, they're inside our gates and in control of the main house. Back in October of 2007, I was fortunate to attend an economic conference of REAL economists and businessmen who honestly have empathy and a conscience, aiming to protect their children, family, friends and the non-sociopathic citizens of their country. That's why I wrote A REAL [First Step] Solution To REAL Economic Problems. Yes, I know the original sponsor of the bill to transfer the U.S. Mint and Bureau of Engraving to the Federal Reserve is no longer in Congress. However, that House bill [Sec. 8] is still on the shelf, like a grenade silently waiting for its pin to be pulled. That effort was the Fed's response to those trying to put the Federal Reserve rightfully under control of the US Treasury. The Feds are going to fight that with everything they've got. Their efforts at that time was to make sure that gold and silver would never be coined again. Since that tactic didn't work, now they're trying to control the SEC and CFTC.

First, you have to remember what the Feds have always said, "We're owned by our member banks!" Whenever I'm using THEY, I'm refering to those who control those member banks, as shown here. The reason they're trying to gain full control the SEC and the CFTC is that they have enormous short-positions in gold and silver. If you really care about the future of your children and family, you need to follow and understand what the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee has exposed and has been explaining for almost 10 years. In my opinion, those shorts (banks) want control of the SEC to be able to manage their DEEP-STORAGE allocation of gold/silver (the mining corporations) and the CFTC to manage the vast short-positions in gold/silver in the commodities market.

Another tactic they're trying is financing CME in their take-over of the NYMEX, then sell the commodity trading to NYSE. Then they could manage the mining stocks and their extravagant short-positions in gold and silver. That story is here.

That's probably the reason that they're having ConAgra sell its commodity-trading business. The hedge fund will be the buyer now, but when the right time is determined, the hedge fund will be ordered to sell it to the appropriate buyer. I mean, come on folks, just where does the hedge fund get the money to leverage itself enough to buy that operation? From the same folks that control the money center banks!

If you don't really start paying attention NOW, you can be sure that this is exactly why:
Sometimes The Dragon Wins

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