Commentary - 11/04/09

Buffett Buys BNI with OPM to Lead NASCO Efforts

First, an explanation of this headline. Warren Buffett of Berkshire Hathaway (BRKA/BRKB), has agreed to buy Burlington Northern Sante Fe (BNI) Railroad for $26.3 Billion. OPM is an acronym for Other People's Money. It simply means that "Heads we win, tails you lose." Just like the large bank finance fiasco we've just experienced. As Buffett bragged in his 2008 Chairman's Letter:
"This means that our $58.5 billion of insurance "float" -- money that doesn't belong to us but that we hold and invest for our own benefit -- cost us less than zero. In fact, we were paid $2.8 billion to hold our float during 2008. Charlie and I find this enjoyable."
With BNI based in Fort Worth, Texas, and BRK based in Omaha, Nebraska, they're both in the heart of NASCO country. NASCO is the North American SuperCorridor Coalition, an attempt to place control of North American trade (Canada, United States and Mexico) into as few hands as possible. Through USNORTHCOM, the military has already established these three countries as one "unified" control zone.

So I suppose the next step is to tear down both borders, and have ALL North American citizens live like illegals from Mexico. It certainly avoids the amnesty problem. I do not fault those trying to escape massive private control that currently exists in Mexico, of which Carlos Slim is a prime example. Some even say that he sees himself as the Mexican Warren Buffett. (And rightly so, as both are simple agents of foreign money power.)

I just don't want to see the same thing happen here in the States, which unfortunately is certainly well on its way. Just last November, Carlos Slim bought heavily into Citigroup. Canada is already highly controlled by financial entities such as the Power Corporation.

As this commentary is being written, the North American Works conference is taking place in Kansas City, Missouri 11/4 thru 11/6. In fact, this statement by Hector Solis could be the reason for Buffett's action this particular week:

"Through North America Works, we've discussed changes - discussions bring suggestions. And now we're ready to put all our conversations into action for enhanced trade and security," Solis said.
- Hector Marquez Solis, Trade & NAFTA Director, Mexican Embassy, Washington, D.C.
Yes, I'm sure NASCO's intention is to create jobs, but THEY take the profits. Sure they create jobs, just like plantations created jobs.
. . . plantations were associated with large disparities of wealth and income, foreign ownership and political influence, and exploitative social systems such as indentured labor and slavery.
That may just be the reason for Buffett's statement:
[This deal is] not a bet on next month or next year. We're going to own it forever."
Since Warren Buffett certainly won't live forever, just who is this "We?" It will be financiers of foreign money power who end up controlling the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the final destination of most Warren Buffett's shares when Warren and Bill are no longer on the scene. Like Warren has said in the past:
"If class warfare is being waged in America, my class is clearly winning."

Sometimes The Dragon Wins

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