Commentary - 12/07/2023

USA means America -- US means United Sociopaths

It seems fitting that today is Pearl Harbor Day here in America.
I've thought about this for years, but was always hesitant to publish it.
I'm 76 now and time is getting short to voice my opinion.

George Carlin said "It's a BIG club, and you and I ain't in it!"
In my way of thinking, that big club has a name: United Sociopaths! Whenever I see the two letters "US", "US" means "THEM", not you and I.
We're Americans (USA) and mostly damn good NON-sociopathic people who have empathy for others and a conscience to govern our actions.

But this big club (US) is doing a lot of things all over the world in America's name, and most of us don't have a damn say in it one way or another. This big club consists of members from NYC (Wall Street), London (City of London Corporation), Brussels (Euro) and others across the globe. They control the price of gold and finance the World Economic Forum (WEF). Here's a short list of some members of that "big club." Only the "market makers" are listed.

London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) Market Makers (as of 11/18/2023) Derivatives (as of 06/30/2023)  
Company Type Country Rank Derivitives (US) Partner
BNP ParibasMarket Maker - BankUnited Kingdom---------
Citibank N AMarket Maker - BankUnited Kingdom3$55,229,720,000,000WEF
Goldman Sachs InternationalMarket Maker - BankUnited Kingdom2$57,664,723,000,000WEF
HSBCMarket Maker - BankUnited Kingdom7(USA Only) $1,516,559,899,000WEF
ICBC Standard Bank PlcMarket Maker - BankUnited Kingdom---------
JP Morgan Chase BankMarket Maker - BankUnited Kingdom1$58,920,561,000,000WEF
Merrill Lynch Intl (div. of Bank of America)Market Maker - Bank/DealerUnited Kingdom4$23,709,183,000,000WEF
Morgan Stanley & Co International LtdMarket Maker - BankUnited Kingdom21$154,882,000,000WEF
Standard Chartered BankMarket Maker - BankUnited Kingdom------WEF
Toronto-Dominion BankMarket Maker - BankUnited Kingdom12(USA only) $662,989,478,000WEF
UBS AGMarket Maker - BankUnited Kingdom------WEF
Reference: ( For your safety, links will be updated when this site become HTTPS: )

Notice that all these companies show United Kingdom as "country," but we know that's NOT their headquarters, just an office.
That's because the "City of London Corporation" operates under some rules that are illegal elsewhere.
It is also the reason its boundaries are marked with statues of dragons.

An attempt to show this "big club" was written back in 2009 at this commentary 090304_The Crown And The Eagle.
It was trying to show back then how America is being used.
This was before the MSM (Main-Stream-Media) made the WEF popular.
Didn't even know about it back then.
Of course, Merrill_Lynch is now a division of Bank of America.
And it's amazing how close the 1,2,3 banks are with their derivatives bets.

One last thought:
When Custer was fighting Sitting Bull in Montana (USA), this "big club" was the East.
Now Zelenskyy is fighting Putin in the Ukraine, this "big club" is the West.
This "big club" is nothing new. Same circus, different clowns. From 1600 to now.
And non-members always get stuck with their expenses.
Let's not even mention "Israel."

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