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With fore-knowledge, we can defend ourselves against those whose misguided self-interest is to dominate and destroy others in futile attempts to satisfy their egos. I prefer to call them "psychopaths with attaches," and they do more damage, more injury, to more people, than "psychopaths with guns." These "psychopaths" have had one goal in mind for over 400 years, and that is to "own the earth in fee simple." Call it whatever you want; Globalization, Authoritarian Free Enterprise, or New World Order. It matters not. But age-old patterns are now showing up in amazing coincidences, and with the use of computers and the Internet, this may just be the final end-game for us against the "psychopaths."

The goal of this web site is to assist you in recognizing age-old patterns that you might not have seen before, and correlate them with what you see occuring now. Then you might have a chance to defend yourself, your family, and others that are important to you.

Please note that Edward Ulysses Cate is a pen name under which I chose to make this information available on the Internet. So don't go bothering people who happen to be named Ed U. Cate. I sincerely hope this web site will accomplish it's only goal, which is to "EdUCate." The message is important, not the messenger.

This web site is purely a singular and self-funded effort. If you feel that you derived benefits from my efforts and wish to help keep this site available for others, then simply tell others what you respect about the "GreatRedDragon.com" site. Any email correspondence will be kept strictly confidential and personal.

This site IS NOT associated with any political, religious, state, or ethnic group or organization. I have NO affiliations with any group or interest, and have no personal agenda, other than to make this information available, free of charge, with the sincere hope that our children will at least be able to enjoy planet Earth as we have, and that we (or they) do not make our world worse in our attempts to make it "better."

Personally, I'm of the opinion that 99% of any group of people, at any place in our world, just wish to make the best living they can, raise children (if desired) and enjoy their lives the best they can without directly hurting or interfering with anyone else. I also feel that each member of this same group generally gets off (that is, feels good inside) when helping another person.

But there's a 1% (or less) group of folks that must have some sort of genetic or mental defect, because they get off making others miserable. If they didn't, why would they work so hard at it? Do we not call such actions "evil?" We all are aware of someone like that, right? We try to stay away from them, and try to keep them from adversely affecting us. And usually they're relatively harmless because they are NOT normally financially rewarded for their not-so-good behavior. They're usually out-numbered and identifiable.

In fact, a 2005 book has been published about this very subject. Martha Stout, PhD, wrote "The Sociopath Next Door." The subtitle is "The Ruthless Versus The Rest of Us." The book's cover states "1 in 25 ordinary Americans secretly has no conscience and can do anything at all without feeling guilty. Who is the devil you know?" Jonathan Kellerman states, on the cover, that this book is "A chillingly accurate portrayal of evil -- the decent person's guide to indecency."
Another book published earlier about this subject is by Paul Babiak and Robert D. Hare, who have written "Snakes in Suits." The subtitle is "When Psychopaths Go to Work." A Publisher's Weekly review states "Psychopaths are described as incapable of empathy, guilt, or loyalty to anyone but themselves; still, spotting a psychopath isn't easy. Babiak, an industrial and organizational psychologist, and Hare (Without Conscience), creator of the standard tool for diagnosing psychopathology, present a study of the psychopath in the corporate landscape...."

More resources on conscience.

Now consider the consequences if such people were financed on a global scale and generally able to conceal their identity. How much more "evil" work, damage, or influence, could they accomplish? And what if they were financed on such a scale that enabled them to pay many others to join them in their mis-deeds, on a ever-growing basis? Not a pleasant thought! But I'm certain that this is how economic, military and other types of problems flare up in our world.

Consider that one percent of just the American population is about 3 million people. Whoa, that's certainly not a small number. So it's up to the 99% in every group of people to keep those one percents of their own group from dividing all of us into smaller groups, messing up our lives, and threatening the future of our children and our planet.

You ever wonder what could happen if 99% of white folks got together with 99% of black folks, combined with 99% of other races, and challenged all those 1%'ers trying to divide and control us? If you can picture that, then you know why those one-percents work so hard at keeping us mentally (and physically) separated into smaller, more managable and controllable groups.

Thus the goal of this site is to show that even over 115 years ago, such evil economic influences were at work and were even recognized by some. How could Woolfolk have even known that as he published his book in 1889, that a Hitler was being born? I'm sure he didn't, but he knew that something evil was taking place, had a good idea of where it was coming from and dared to write about it.

We have the luxury of knowing exactly what took place after this book was published in 1889. So history can be our filter, helping to separate the author's good ideas and principles to keep, and allowing us to recognize and discard erroneous ones.

Do we not progress by separating facts from misunderstandings and trying not to make the same mistakes again and again?

© 2006 by Edward Ulysses Cate

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